Spain Turkey England

Initial meeting. Ankara 19-23 of November 2013

  • The project was introduced and the educational systems of Turkish and Spanish.
  • Set goals, tasks, and organization of the project.
  • Visits: Turkish Parliament. Ministry of Education. Vocacional training centers.

Second meeting. Pamplona. 26-28 of March 2014

  • Valuation and analysis of quality improvement.
  • Proposed Conclusions and associated training.
  • Visits: Government of Navarre. School of educators. Infant Schools: Buztintxuri (0-3) y Escuelas San Francisco (3-6).

Third meeting. Ankara. June 15-19 of June 2014

  • It is presented a draft of the web project and the coordination platform Moodle.
  • Design is the structure of the supplementary training.
  • Visit: vocational training centres. Cappadocia.

Fourth meeting: Pamplona. 29-31 of October 2014

  • Analysis of the educational systems of inspection and their functions.
  • Define the contents of the necessary training.
  • Design of the parts of the project manual.
  • Visits: Department of Education. Infant School ”Mendillorri”, CIP Ibaialde??? C. I. P. Tafalla. Olite Castle.

Fifth meeting. Pamplona. 11-13 of March 2015

  • Revised the project manual.
  • Analysis of the training courses. (add discharge documents)
  • Day of exploitation and dissemination in Pamplona.
  • Design of the final conference in Ankara.
  • Visits: Pamplona City Council. Public University of Navarre. C. I. P. Burlada.

Sixth meeting. Ankara. 12-15 of May 2015